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We believe in hiring the best, and for us a dynamic personality and partnership potential are as integral as much as professional excellence. Because every Associate is on the partnership track from day one, top-notch training and a commitment to help them build a sustainable long-term career are priorities.

  • Practice Training

    When we recruit, we look for partners, not associates. Grades and a burnished CV may get you in the door, but it is the strength of your character, personality and partnership potential that get you a place at the table.


    We are accepting applications for Relevant Legal Training and Practice Training Contracts.

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  • Lawyers

    We hire only the best and the brightest. Not only do we look for the sharpest legal brains, but our lawyers must also be commercial, client-centric and creative. To attract top talent, and build sustainable partnerships with our legal professionals, we are the only firm in Singapore to offer:

    1. 1. A market leading remuneration package for newly qualified lawyers.
    2. 2. An accelerated track to partnership.
    3. 3. An intensive and comprehensive training program in both domain specialization and partnership skills.
    4. 4. One-on-one partner mentorship for senior associates aiming for partnership.
    5. 5. Yearly overseas training trips.
    6. 6. A one month sabbatical after a lawyer has completed 5 years of practice with us.
    7. 7. Extended paternity leave.


    Applications should be addressed to:

    The Human Resource Manager
    TSMP Law Corporation
    6 Battery Road, Level 41
    Singapore 049909

  • Internships

    Get your foot in our door. We identify many of our future Practice Trainees, even eventual lawyers and Partners, through their internships with us. Things to note:

    1. 1. We welcome undergraduate and postgraduate law students from Singapore and recognised foreign law schools.
    2. 2. All law students may apply, although we believe that law students in their 2nd and 3rd years will have the most fulfilling internship experience with us.
    3. 3. We offer 2 week internship opportunities year-round, with the most interns joining us between May and September.
    4. 4. As a general rule, do apply 2 to 4 months prior to your intended period of internship. For an internship during our peak period, please submit your application by end-March.
    5. 5. Internships at TSMP are not a spectator sport – we try to get all interns involved in on-going briefs in real time. This may mean irregular hours, but we hope you will enjoy getting some real-life experience of legal practice. Do come ready to jump into the trenches with all of us!


    If you would like to apply for an internship, please download and complete our Internship Application Form here and email this back to us at:

    together with the following:-

    Cover letter telling us more about yourself, accompanied by your latest academic transcripts and a recent passport-sized photograph

  • Join Our Team

    We are where we are thanks to amazing people. If you’re downright brilliant, and would like to explore a career with us, we’d love to hear from you!


    Applications should be addressed to:

    The Human Resource Manager
    TSMP Law Corporation
    6 Battery Road, Level 41
    Singapore 049909


We are accepting applications for Practice Training Contracts

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