In this day and age when the protection of personal data has become an issue of universal importance, it's easy to get lost navigating the waters. Who can use what information? What are a corporation's obligations and rights in relation to its data, and that of others? TSMP's Regulatory, Compliance and Risk Management team waded into these murky waters with more than 50 clients on 4th April 2014, when Yvonne Lee conducted a seminar on data-related laws. The seminar focused on the advisory guidelines and the FAQs/educational materials recently issued by Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission in 2014. We also highlighted the practical implications for businesses such as the operational issues relating to the use of, access to, efficient and secure storage of various types of data, and explored 'evolving' areas such as the specificity of notification of purpose, rights of access and correction and overseas transfers of data.

TSMP Seminar held on 4th April 2014

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