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TSMP Delivers the Pitch

09 Aug 2014

"They say the most dangerous animal in the bush is a human being.... I looked up and saw a naked bushman right in front of me... and I took off all my clothes."

Thus began a hysteria-inducing storytelling session that was part of the day-long workshop conducted at TSMP on our nation's 49th birthday. Aimed at boosting our presentation and persuasive skills, our trainer Claire made us put egos and dignity aside as we fumbled through yoga stretches, hummed the national anthem while spreadeagled on the floor, and reinvented the PM's National Day Speech. As chinook helicopters bearing our country's flag flew past, our lawyers rapped a poem about how proud we were that Singapore is our home.

There's an old joke that the best lawyer is the one who has lost his voice. But if, as lawyers, our job is to speak truth to power, to create bonds and build bridges, then developing strong communication skills must be a priority. The fact that we could watch our colleagues act out an impromptu skit using only the words "sex", "famished" and "toilet", well, that was just a bonus.


Homecoming (TSMP's first Alumni drinks)

24 Jul 2014

One of the measures of our success is how well the people who pass through our doors do in their lives. Whether they become high-flying in-house counsel, community-changing voluntary workers or full-time parents who are determined to make the world a better place one toddler at a time, we want to celebrate their achievements and toast their milestones.

What better way than to have a yearly homecoming event to catch up with ex-colleagues?

Warm hugs, decidedly unlawyer-like squeals and even a few tears marked the return of old friends. Mobile phones were whipped out to show baby photos, amidst clinking glasses and raucous laughter. We are privileged to have walked a part of the journey of our alums and honoured that they would let us be a part of their lives today.

Relive the moments.


DBS CEO, Piyush Gupta, shares how he thinks women aiming for the C-Suite should Lean In

09 May 2014

Under the unrelenting gaze of 90 high-powered women – ranging from managing directors of banks to country heads of multi-national companies and top international lawyers – Piyush Gupta shared his views on the issues and challenges faced by women executives, at a Women's Networking Lunch hosted by TSMP on 5th May 2014.

Always an engaging speaker, Mr Gupta's views were unexpectedly frank. For a CEO who has successfully built a senior management team comprising a large coterie of women, surprisingly, he did not believe in the need to seek gender diversity in the boardroom for its own sake, preferring to point out that women make up half the workforce and it would be silly not to tap into the available talent pool. Mr Gupta also gave his advice on how women should "lean in" (to quote from Sheryl Sandberg's bestseller) – by plotting their career paths, identifying "mentors" whose support would be crucial, and taking risk. These were unexpectedly candid pointers, which had the audience listening in rapt attention.

The event ended with a spirited Q&A session on whether women could exhibit such "male" qualities without being labelled a bitch, and ultimately reaching the conclusion that it was more important to be respected than popular.

It was a session that was both inspiring and empowering. Mr Gupta told the women to get on with it. To which we replied: Bring It On.

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TSMP’s Pro Bono Head, Melvin Chan, and Lim Chen Chen speak at NCSS 5th VWO Dialogue

03 Mar 2014

Melvin Chan, Head of our Pro Bono initiative, and Lim Chen Chen, who takes point in providing free legal services to Dover Park Hospice, were invited to share their insight and experiences at a dialogue organised by the National Council of Social Services on 28 February 2014.

Giving back to the community is very much a part of TSMP's DNA and providing Pro Bono legal services to voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) is one avenue for our transactional lawyers to make a difference. The firm's provision of legal support and advice to Dover Park Hospice for more than three years under the Project Law Help scheme of the Law Society Pro Bono Services Office has been hailed as a model for successful tie-ups between law firms and VWOs.

Together with Chief Executive Dr Stella Wee from Dover Park Hospice, Melvin and Chen Chen spoke on common legal issues faced by VWOs and how legal firms can help. The dialogue, attended by management executives from VWOs, was aimed at creating awareness of the legal assistance available to VWOs, and encouraging VWOs to tap on this resource offered by the Project Law Help scheme.


TSMP holds cocktail with overseas law undergrads and 2014 trainees

26 Aug 2013

About 100 people attended TSMP's inaugural drinks to meet law undergrads from foreign universities. Law students from different universities, ranging from Bristol, to Nothingham and Manchester, rubbed shoulders with Partners from TSMP over canapes and wine. Also present were law students who had interned with the firm in the past year, and the 2014 trainees. It was a good chance to sneak a peak into the life of the firm, and to engage in cerebral discussions such as Arsenal's chances in the upcoming season.


TSMP Happy Hour drinks for NUS and SMU law students @ TSMP

10 Feb 2012

TSMP hosted a combined Happy Hour drinks for NUS, SMU and foreign law students at its new offices on Level 41, 6 Battery Road. The casual event, which saw two of our own trainees show off their bartending skills, was attended by around a hundred students and gave them the opportunity to chat with our lawyers on practice, the unique firm culture, and our charity and pro bono work.


TSMP holds office opening cocktail on F1 Friday

23 Sep 2011

TSMP celebrated the opening of its new offices on Level 41 of 6 Battery Road with a cocktail coinciding with the opening run of the Singapore GP. Attended by some three hundred plus clients, the cocktail featured sensational Mod Sin canapes specially prepared by home grown celebrity chef Damien De Silva.