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Much Ado About Data

08 Apr 2014

In this day and age when the protection of personal data has become an issue of universal importance, it's easy to get lost navigating the waters. Who can use what information? What are a corporation's obligations and rights in relation to its data, and that of others? TSMP's Regulatory, Compliance and Risk Management team waded into these murky waters with more than 50 clients on 4th April 2014, when Yvonne Lee conducted a seminar on data-related laws. The seminar focused on the advisory guidelines and the FAQs/educational materials recently issued by Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission in 2014. We also highlighted the practical implications for businesses such as the operational issues relating to the use of, access to, efficient and secure storage of various types of data, and explored 'evolving' areas such as the specificity of notification of purpose, rights of access and correction and overseas transfers of data.

TSMP Seminar held on 4th April 2014


Trainee Darren Tan delivers the speech at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation’s Young Fellowship Annual Dinner on 24 March 2014

02 Apr 2014

Not many people get an invitation to dine with Royalty in a 16th Century Castle, Eastnor Castle. TSMP Practice Trainee, Darren Tan was not only invited to a dinner presided over by HRH Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex, but also addressed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation’s Young Fellowship Annual Dinner on 24 March 2014.

Darren participated in the National Youth Achievement Award programme, the Singapore equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, receiving the Bronze and Silver Awards in 2003 and 2004 respectively, while he was serving time in prison. The Awards tested Darren's achievements in 4 areas: Community Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills Development, and Physical Recreation.

From Changi Prison to dinner with a Prince is a remarkable journey indeed, but one that the humble and soft-spoken Darren does not talk much about. An active volunteer, Darren prefers to divide his time between making the most of his traineeship (he has already been offered and has accepted retention in the litigation department) and helping others through Beacon of Life and Beacon of Life Academy, organisations that he co-founded for the benefit of at-risk youth and underprivileged kids in the community. Darren also serves as a Council Member of the 13th National Youth Council.


TSMP’s Pro Bono Head, Melvin Chan, and Lim Chen Chen speak at NCSS 5th VWO Dialogue

05 Mar 2014

Melvin Chan, Head of our Pro Bono initiative, and Lim Chen Chen, who takes point in providing free legal services to Dover Park Hospice, were invited to share their insight and experiences at a dialogue organised by the National Council of Social Services on 28 February 2014.

Giving back to the community is very much a part of TSMP's DNA and providing Pro Bono legal services to voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) is one avenue for our transactional lawyers to make a difference. The firm's provision of legal support and advice to Dover Park Hospice for more than three years under the Project Law Help scheme of the Law Society Pro Bono Services Office has been hailed as a model for successful tie-ups between law firms and VWOs.

Together with Chief Executive Dr Stella Wee from Dover Park Hospice, Melvin and Chen Chen spoke on common legal issues faced by VWOs and how legal firms can help. The dialogue, attended by management executives from VWOs, was aimed at creating awareness of the legal assistance available to VWOs, and encouraging VWOs to tap on this resource offered by the Project Law Help scheme.


TSMP's Ian Lim to give a new talk for clients on "Employment & Data Protection"

27 Sep 2013

TSMP's Ian Lim gave an in-house talk for some 50 clients on employment and data protection on 4 October 2013. This is timely in light of the latest case law developments in employment & labour, the upcoming changes to the Employment Act, and the recently released Advisory Guidelines on the PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act). Broad topics covered were:

  • Non-competition, confidentiality, restrictive covenants
  • Deferred bonuses, delayed vesting
  • Termination & constructive dismissal
  • Retirement & re-employment
  • Industrial relations
  • Section 18A transfer of employees
  • Upcoming changes to the Employment Act
  • Data protection in the employment context

Slides will be made available after the talk.


TSMP's Stefanie Yuen Thio gave a talk for SMU on "Mergers & Acquisitions and Due Diligence - A Legal Perspective"

17 Sep 2013

Download slides


TSMP's Stefanie Yuen Thio gave a talk for The Law Society of Singapore on "What are the deal breakers and how to succeed in the deal? - legal issues"

29 Aug 2013

Download slides


TSMP hosts talk on Intellectual Property in Singapore: Evolution & Enforcement

25 May 2010

On 25 May 2010, TSMP's Bryan Ghows, Ian Lim and Adeline Lee gave a talk for the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association, discussing the evolution of intellectual property law in Singapore and recent case law developments, with an emphasis on trademarks, passing off, patents and confidential information. The well attended talk was preceded by a Chatterbox chicken rice luncheon from the Meritus Mandarin Hotel. View slides