TSMP brings children with cancer kite-flying

TSMP Law Corporation brings children with cancer from Arc Children’s Centre for kite-flying at Marina Barrage on Tuesday 10th September 2013

On 10 September 2013, as part of TSMP Law Corporation’s continuing Community Programme, 100 lawyers and staff of TSMP Law Corporation will bring some 40 children from Arc Children’s Centre for a day of kite-flying fun at the Marina Barrage. Arc Children’s Centre is a day-care centre for children suffering from cancer, and their siblings. It is the only child-care centre in Singapore solely dedicated to the needs of cancer sufferers, who have specific requirements such as more rigorous hygiene levels and medically trained nurses. It serves as a haven of comfort and support for both these children and their siblings (who though healthy themselves, often cannot attend regular pre-schools for fear of contracting infections dangerous for their unwell siblings). The founding of Arc Children’s Centre was inspired by the dying wish of a little boy who himself passed away from cancer. He expressed the hope that sick children, like him, could have a warm and welcoming place to spend the day. Arc Children’s Centre was founded in 2011 and currently provides day-care for approximately 70 children in all, ranging from the ages of 2 to 14 years.

TSMP conducts two charity events each year, closing down the firm for the day so that all employees can be involved. In the past it has organised events ranging from a day at Outward Bound School for troubled youths, to bringing children with cerebral palsy and autism to Universal Studios. The firm looks for charities that are less well-known and thus not as well supported to assist.

Says Geraldine Lee, co-founder of Arc Children’s Centre, “Kites are becoming more popular in Singapore but because of the medical condition of the children at our centre, kite-flying is not something that they, or their brothers or sisters, have been able to try. The kids are very much looking forward to trying their hand at something many youngsters in Singapore take for granted.”

Each child will be paired with members of the TSMP team. The children will begin the day with a special lunch at the Marina Barrage’s Courtyard Room, followed by a kite-decorating session and magic and balloon show. The highlight of the day will be when the children get to try out their kites on the grassy roof of Marina Barrage. “Cancer doesn’t just happen to the patient,” says TSMP Joint Page 2 Managing Director, Stefanie Yuen Thio, “it afflicts the whole family. More than just providing a day of fun for these kids, we hope to let these children know that they are not alone in their battle. It’s our way of standing in solidarity with them.”



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