TSMP celebrates mid-autumn festival with AWWA Senior Community Home elderly

TSMP Law Corporation celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with elderly from AWWA Senior Community Home.

TSMP Law Corporation is taking Mid-Autumn Festival one step further this year – come 21 September, the firm will be cooking up a storm of mooncakes with 70 seniors from the AWWA Senior Community Home at the Prima Baking Industry Training College.

TSMP will close the firm for a day on 21 September for all 120 of its employees to be involved, with a TSMP volunteer pairing up each AWWA senior to make snowskin mooncakes together. To add to the festive spirit, the seniors will then be treated to a sumptuous lunch at the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant, and a lively afternoon of Bingo and lucky draw. In addition, as several members of the AWWA Home face health and mobility issues and will be unable to join the mooncake making, a second TSMP team will visit the AWWA Senior Community Home that morning to distribute goodie-bags and mooncakes, and just share good cheer with the seniors.

The AWWA Health and Senior Care arm was established in 1976 and provides dedicated services to cater to the special needs of the elderly. Under it, the AWWA Senior Community Home provides accommodation for older Singaporeans over the age of 60 who have been referred to the Home from hospitals, are on public assistance or have no means of financial support. The Home currently cares for 135 seniors, many of whom no longer have family members. Senior residents at the Home occupy three floors of a block of rental flats in Ang Mo Kio, and with the AWWA Senior Activity Centre at its void deck, an inspiring sense of community and family has developed, with the senior residents enabled to live amongst friends with independence and dignity. As a wonderful testament to the Home’s success in building bonds, two elderly couples have actually met and fallen in love while staying there, with one couple getting married at the KFC just across the road!

Says Tim Oei, CEO of AWWA “Mid-Autumn is a festival that symbolises the joy of having family around us, and having TSMP volunteers around our seniors at this time of the festivities means a lot to them. We thank TSMP and their staff for spending this occasion with them.”

TSMP organises and holds two community charity events each year, closing the firm for the day so that all its employees can be fully involved. Last year, TSMP organised outdoor laser tag for 50 boys from the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home and organised a clothes donation drive for the boys and their families, amassing 25 boxes of clothes, shoes, stationery and games. TSMP previously also brought foreign construction workers for a day out at the Singapore Zoo, and had celebrity chef cooking classes at ToTT for Down’s syndrome children.

“This event will be the largest community event we’ve ever organised,” says TSMP Director Ian Lim, who oversees its Community Programmes. “AWWA’s aim of empowering the disadvantaged to lead dignified and independent lives really resonates with us, and we couldn’t be happier that this Golden Jubilee year for Singapore, we can spend time like this with these wonderful seniors in their golden years.”


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