Remembering Adrian

1966 - 2023

Adrian was a remarkable lawyer, a generous and fatherly mentor, a caring colleague and a kind and loyal friend. Around him, there was always laughter, listening, and learning.

He touched many lives in our firm, in the legal community, and even more as the “King of Singapore”. We invite you to pen your thoughts of and tributes to Adrian at

A True Gentleman

To Adrian's family,

He will be missed by all in the legal community. It was always a pleasure to have him in court - he was well prepared, eloquent and a true gentleman.

Judith Prakash, JCA
Deepest Condolences

Adrian has passed away at the age of 57. Far too young, far too soon. He was witty, pleasant to spend time with. A sharp mind with a wonderful heart.

Adrian was multi-talented, a true Renaissance Man. He was a best-selling author as an undergraduate, dabbled in technology and took a second degree in Computer Science while a practicing lawyer, and in the last few years, became known for his virally popular posts on LinkedIn.

He was the current Law Society President, working to address long hours, and working conditions for young lawyers.

I have had the privilege of knowing him for many years. His passing is a big loss.

My deepest condolences to his family.

K Shanmugam
Go With All Our Love

You had just gotten into your top stride, Mr Law Society President and King of Singapore. You made the law and issues of the day relevant and easy to understand to all Singaporeans. You had a wacky way of seeing the world that was at the same time so grounded. You made legal practitioners lovable again.

Thank you for being one of us. And for seeing the best in us. A light has truly gone out in our lives. I hope you’re annoying the angels with your puns. We will do our best to look after Angelina, you have my promise.

And we will do our best to live up to the versions of ourselves you saw in us.

Stefanie Yuen Thio
Model of Heroism

We will greatly miss Adrian's wit and humour. Above all, however, his utter dedication to his calling as well as his indefatigable bravery as well as perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds is a quintessential model of heroism that we should all aspire to emulate.

Andrew Phang
Rest Well, My Pupil Master

Adrian Tan was many things, but to me he was first and foremost my Pupil Master. And I was his First Pupil, or FP. Despite being known as a funnyman, this was a duty he took seriously. He told me that tenacity was the most important trait for a litigator, and he had spades of that.

He loved his work so much, he said he wanted to work until he dies. When he was diagnosed, I said that he should transfer the work stress to me. I promised to keep the fun bits for him. He said that that was what he was doing, but he did not rest. Towards the end, he was still working overnighters on submissions, talking to clients and arguing in court.

I joked that I should have my son be a YouTuber to pay for my mortgage. He said, “Life moves fast; don’t do yesterday’s stuff. We are not here to make obscene money. We provide for ourselves and then we do something for the world.”

Once, as I was exiting a hearing, an Assistant Registrar remarked, “You work for Adrian Tan? How lucky.” I know how lucky I was to have worked with him for 16 years, or in other words, my entire career. Thank you for the 16 years of conversations, coffees and court hearings.

I wish I could have just one more conversation with you.

Ong Pei Ching
TSMP law corporation