“An intentional effort ought to be made to pursue things intangible, as time will eventually compel us to realise that everything tangible is but temporary.”
Nicholas Ngo
Associate Director

Flexible and diverse, Nicholas’ practice in disputes, with his particular niche in employment law, often sees him taking on an array of contentious and non-contentious work. As part of this, he has represented listed companies in high-stakes litigation, while also helping large MNCs strike multi-million dollar deals. He also regularly advises on all aspects of employment law.

Nicholas handles his matters with empathy and resolve, something he picked up in his time as a former thespian and Muay Thai practitioner (a lover and a fighter?). Common to both, he says, is the ability to think on one’s feet, and to employ creative solutions to achieve a favourable result. Even so, one cannot in any way discount extensive conceptualisation, preparation, and “shadow boxing”. The empathic side of Nicholas also sees him frequently working with non-profit organisations and acting for those without means to afford representation.

The bulk of his childhood being spent dismantling and reassembling lego pieces, Nicholas has carried his inquisitive nature through to practice, leading him to be lauded by clients as one who has a good grasp on underlying commercial concerns. It’s also no wonder why he’s been dubbed the “tech-wizard” of his team, and spends his spare time delving into technological advancements, Web 3.0, the metaverse, and cryptocurrencies.

He was highlighted by a client for his “impressive legal knowledge and understanding”

— The Legal 500


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