“Be balanced, and play it down the middle when you are not sure which way it is spinning.”
Prof Hans Tjio

When it comes to company, securities and trust law, Hans literally wrote the books. Among them are legal bibles such as Corporate Law; Principles and Practice of Securities Regulations in Singapore; Financial Services Law and Regulation; and The International Encyclopedia of Laws, Property and Trust Law in Singapore.

The life-long academic’s expertise in these areas was honed over the decades he had spent in research and teaching at the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Law. Since 1990, he has lectured in company law, securities regulation, trusts and equity as the university’s CJ Koh Professor of Law, and as visiting professor and scholar at top institutions in Taiwan, New Zealand, China, the US and Australia.

Hans also brings with him a wealth of experience in regulation and governance in the corporate world, having been seconded to the Monetary Authority of Singapore in the Securities & Futures department. He presently serves on the Securities Industry Council, which administers the country’s take-over code.

Highly sought after for his unparalleled know-how, Hans joins TSMP as a consultant (having been in the same role in the past at an international and a domestic law firm), where he will join Stefanie Yuen Thio, June Ho and Mark Jacobsen as they develop the firm’s regulatory practice. He advises on issues ranging from securities law compliance to cryptocurrency and cutting-edge issues in company law.


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