Adrian Tan comments on CNA news: “More Court of Appeals judgements published in 2018”

In a Channel NewsAsia news segment aired on 8 January 2019 about Singapore’s Court of Appeal facing an increase in the number and complexity of cases, Adrian Tan said: “The increase in the number of cases that the Court of Appeal hears is a measure of our success in growing as dispute resolution hub. The more people use our dispute resolution services, the more cases our courts will have to deal with. It is a result of Singapore’s increasing importance as a financial services hub.”

“The increased workload for the Court of Appeal does mean more work for the Judges. But it also is good news for lawyers: each time there is an appeal, it provides an opportunity not just for the senior lawyer, who may be the one standing up to argue the case, but also the junior lawyers, who have the opportunity to participate in and help prepare the case. This increase in Singapore cases gives guidance to other jurisdictions as they study the Court of Appeal judgements.”

The segment may be viewed here (CNA link), with Adrian appearing in 1:06 – 1:22 and 2:02 – 2:25.


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