Adrian Tan comments in LHZB: “黄思恬疑丢手机酿祸 批评王冠逸私讯外泄” (Carrie Wong suspected of losing her mobile phone, criticizing Lawrence Wong’s private news leak)

In a news story published by the Lianhe Zaobao on 16 May 2019 on the Ian Fang – Carrie Fong scandal, Adrian Tan said: “私人电邮和短信都属于机密信息,不可以随 意传播或使用,任何泄露或传播这些信息的人可在滥用机密信息的相 关法律下被提控。此外,非法侵入他人私人信息的人也可能抵触刑事法,在滥用电 脑法令下被提控,可被判坐牢长达7年或罚款高达5万元。受害者应该马上找律师,尽快到 法院申请紧急禁制令,停止私讯传播或被滥用。”

(Translation: Private emails and text messages are confidential and cannot be transmitted or used without permission. Anyone who leaks or disseminates such information can be subject to civil action. Additionally, they may face criminal action under the Computer Misuse Act. Victims should immediately seek a lawyer and apply for an emergency court injunction to stop the spread of the private messages.)

The story may be found here (LHZB).


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