Adrian Tan quoted in BT: “Best practices guide launched for lawyers acting for listcos”

TSMP Law Corporation head of IP & TMT Adrian Tan was quoted in a Business Times story published in the weekend of 27-28 June 2020 about the new SGX best practices guide for lawyers that covers interpretations of listing rules, applications for waivers, submission of circulars to shareholders. 

He said that the new guide provides a much-needed “safety net” for lawyers. “If the guide is followed, the lawyer’s duty is discharged. It makes it much easier for lawyers to know what to do when dealing with listed companies and regulators.”

Previously, lawyers advising listed companies could only rely on “oral tradition” and uneven training, he added. “Lawyers’ level of knowledge used to depend on their personal experiences as well as what their seniors and mentors may have handed down to them.”


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