Adrian Tan quoted in ST: “Judge reverses decision to redact names of 6 trainee lawyers who cheated in 2020 Bar exam”

On 28 April 2022, TSMP Law Corporation head of IP & TMT and Law Society President Adrian Tan was quoted in a Straits Times article regarding the bar exam cheating matter. 

The Law Society said the court’s latest decision has quashed speculation as to the six applicants’ identities.

Adrian said that the the society believes in the concept of open justice. He added that it did not apply to have the names of the six applicants redacted.

He said “Whenever names of wrongdoers are redacted, or files sealed from public view, it invites speculation and suspicion. This is heightened when the matter is of public interest.”

He also said that the society had made submissions in court on Wednesday in support of rescinding the judge’s earlier orders.

“For the record, the Law Society did not give its consent to the admission of the six applicants to the Bar,” Adrian said.

He said “The six applicants are not members of the Bar, and are not members of the Law Society.” He added that the society does not have statutory power to take further action against the six applicants.

Adrian further clarified the Law Society’s position on the case in a Law Society Gazette message, which was picked up by the Straits Times, CNA, Today. LHZB referenced the message in its article on the cheating case.


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