Ian Lim quoted in International Employment Lawyer: “Singapore authorities receive nearly 400 reports of sexual harassment in 2021”

TSMP Law Corporation head of employment and labour Ian Lim was quoted in an article published by International Employment Lawyer on 17 February 2022, on sexual harassment in Singapore workplaces.

Ian said “Employers should have a policy in place outlining how such incidents will be investigated and dealt with if they do occur, both for the alleged victim and the alleged harasser.”

He suggested that the investigation should be carried out by individuals without a vested interest. “It should also be done on a confidential basis, with interviewees being advised not to discuss the interview with others in order to protect both parties,” he added.

He said “If it is found that harassment did occur, then disciplinary measures can be taken against the harasser. These can range from a warning and training – say for an inappropriate or lewd comment – to termination for misconduct if it’s a more serious offence, in which case a police report could also be made.”

He also said that having a policy in place is also helpful in preventing prospective liability for the employer, said Lim. An employer that is aware of such harassment and fails to act could be found vicariously liable. Needless to say, employers with policies in place should also follow them, something that is not always done. 


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