Ian Lim quoted in The Straits Times: “Do more to tackle racism in the workplace”

On 18 July 2021, TSMP Law Corporation head of employment and labour Ian Lim was quoted in an article published by The Straits Times on workplace racism. He is of the view that education and training is the way to go, rather than more legislation and regulations.

Cases of offensive remarks at work can also be reported to Tafep. “But casually racist remarks are often hard to prove and go unreported,” he said. 

He added that there is currently also no mandatory requirement for companies to have a policy on diversity and inclusion. Such policies ensure that all workers from diverse backgrounds are treated fairly, and feel involved, valued and respected at work.

Introducing more legislation and regulations may not be the best solution, as they may not address the root causes of racism in the workplace, said Ian and Mr Parekh.

Instead, education and training efforts can be stepped up, especially since such programmes to address racism or unconscious bias, when workers collaborate with or evaluate their colleagues in the office, are not widely adopted.


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