LawSoc chief reflects on tenure, calls for fairer equilibrium in criminal justice system

In his two years representing the Bar as president of the Law Society of Singapore (LawSoc), weighty issues such as how to ramp up pro bono work or deal with an impending oversupply of new lawyers cropped up…

Outgoing President of the Law Society of Singapore, Mr Thio Shen Yi S.C., speaks to TODAY about his two year tenure as President. Emphasizing the need to continue fighting the good fight, Mr Thio reflects on the incident involving 14-year-old Benjamin Lim and the issues concerning the accused person’s access to counsel. Mr Thio stressed that the police in Benjamin’s case were playing by the rules: “My point was that the rules need to be changed to redress the imbalance. Accused persons should be given access to independent legal advice as early as possible … If they don’t have the information, they imagine the worst, and could even admit to things they didn’t mean to”.

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