Stefanie Yuen Thio commented in ST : “Law will allay public concerns on data use, say observers”

TSMP Law Corporation, Joint Managing Partner, Stefanie Yuen Thio, was quoted in a January 09 2021 Straits Times article about the TraceTogether controversy, where the government revealed that data gathered from the tokens can be used for criminal investigations despite earlier stating that such information would only be used for contact tracing

She said the serious nature of the crimes listed makes clear that the police will rely on TraceTogether data only in cases of utmost necessity.

“It is also important to bear in mind that every member of the public has a very strong interest to ensure that criminals who commit such serious offences are brought to justice”.

“We should also bear in mind that just as TraceTogether data can incriminate, it can also prove innocence, such as when a token user was not in the vicinity of the victim during the commission of a crime”.


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