Thio Shen Yi, SC comments in BT: “Smart City Kitchens files competition complaint against GrabFood, Deliveroo”

In a news story published by the Business Times on 18 July 2019 on the allegations by shared kitchen operator Smart City Kitchens that restaurants it works with were shut out of GrabFood and Deliveroo, joint managing partner and head of the anti-competition practice at TSMP, Thio Shen Yi, SC said: “The issue is whether Deliveroo or GrabFood, if they are individually or collectively dominant in the food delivery market in Singapore, are abusing their dominance to increase their market share in the shared kitchen business.”

“The CCCS will probably be interested in whether there are legitimate reasons why Deliveroo and Grabfood have refused to let users of SCK supply food on their platforms, or if the refusal… is principally aimed at suffocating a potential competitor,” Mr Thio added.

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