Remembering Adrian

1966 - 2023

Adrian was a remarkable lawyer, a generous and fatherly mentor, a caring colleague and a kind and loyal friend. Around him, there was always laughter, listening, and learning.

He touched many lives in our firm, in the legal community, and even more as the “King of Singapore”. We invite you to pen your thoughts of and tributes to Adrian at

A Great Loss

We are deeply saddened to hear of Mr Adrian Tan’s passing, and offer our heartfelt condolences to his family.

An extremely passionate alumnus and a wonderful speaker, Adrian delivered the Commencement Address at our Commencement Ceremony exactly a year ago. He was very much a part of the NUS Law family and always found time to support us in initiatives for our students.

Just a few months ago, Adrian readily agreed to moderate a Fireside Chat for the NUS Law Alumni Mentor Programme.

Adrian’s passing is a great loss to Singapore’s law fraternity as well as to future generations of lawyers and law students.

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
We Miss Him

It is sad to hear that Mr Adrian Tan has passed on. I personally have worked with him since I joined SAVH in 2014. I attended meetings for discussions when he met up with SAVH President and Executive Director. He was SAVH’s Honorary Legal Advisor for 11 years from 2010 to 2021. SAVH benefitted immensely from his professional advice and guidance to the constitutional, legal and governance matters.

We miss him. Rest in Peace, Mr Adrian Tan.

Kan Teck San
Rest In Peace

We did not have an opportunity to meet. While my written words might not reach you, I hope my feelings and wishes will.

While I cannot speak with the same fervour as many whose lives you touched or inspired, I always read your messages on social media as I found them to be intelligent, witty but having a spirit and a message.

I pray to almighty to give your soul a resting place and strength to your family, friends and colleagues to cope with this huge loss.

Manishi Pathak, India
Go With All Our Love

You had just gotten into your top stride, Mr Law Society President and King of Singapore. You made the law and issues of the day relevant and easy to understand to all Singaporeans. You had a wacky way of seeing the world that was at the same time so grounded. You made legal practitioners lovable again.

Thank you for being one of us. And for seeing the best in us. A light has truly gone out in our lives. I hope you’re annoying the angels with your puns. We will do our best to look after Angelina, you have my promise.

And we will do our best to live up to the versions of ourselves you saw in us.

Stefanie Yuen Thio
Deepest Condolences

Adrian has passed away at the age of 57. Far too young, far too soon. He was witty, pleasant to spend time with. A sharp mind with a wonderful heart.

Adrian was multi-talented, a true Renaissance Man. He was a best-selling author as an undergraduate, dabbled in technology and took a second degree in Computer Science while a practicing lawyer, and in the last few years, became known for his virally popular posts on LinkedIn.

He was the current Law Society President, working to address long hours, and working conditions for young lawyers.

I have had the privilege of knowing him for many years. His passing is a big loss.

My deepest condolences to his family.

K Shanmugam
TSMP law corporation