“It’s not what you know, it’s how you use what you know.”
Ian Lim

The law at its best is a living organism that changes with society. This is particularly true in Ian’s practice of employment law, in a world increasingly shifting to a gig and platform economy – a paradigm shift that he is both watching keenly and writing articles about. Little wonder then, that Ian is considered the expert, go-to practitioner for Employment & Labour. He has honed his expertise fighting numerous high profile cases and advising multinationals and C-Suite executives extensively in the areas of non-competition, dismissal, data privacy, harassment, M&A employee transfers and industrial relations.

Employment and labour issues naturally also cross cultures and geographic boundaries, and this has seen Ian travel extensively to speak at diverse conferences and forums. It provides a good opportunity for travel too – Ian otherwise tends to spend his holidays only going to wintry climes to hone his off-piste snowboarding.

Previously an aggressive slide-tackling football defender, Ian now uses the sport as a way to foster connections and team spirit with younger colleagues and the under-privileged through charity futsal tournaments. He also brings his spirit of mentorship as the head of TSMP’s community services programme, organising hands-on charity events for youth-at-risk, the elderly as well as foreign migrant workers. His good work along with that of his colleagues has seen TSMP recognised by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) as one of its inaugural Champions of Good.

“Commercially minded" Ian Lim is "very knowledgeable" and "provides sound advice”

— The Legal 500 Asia Pacific

“Knowledgeable, customer-focused” Ian Lim “earns and builds trust”

— Asialaw Profiles

I hear you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie…

Yeah, I’m really into snowboarding. It’s a pure adrenaline rush. Importantly though, while it’s a sport that makes you challenge yourself and push the boundaries, it’s also equally one where it’s critical to always maintain balance and control, especially when you’re flying through trees off-piste. I also play football on the weekends.

Football - which team do you support?

Everton for soccer and the New Orleans Saints for American football. Not the most common teams to support, and if I’m being honest, both have probably had more downs than ups over the 30-odd years I’ve been following them. They’ve always been my teams though, and I’m a great believer in loyalty and sticking with stuff through thick and thin. I’ve also recently started supporting the Singapore Slingers in basketball through a client who’s a part-owner.

Because loyalty should extend to supporting your home team and where you’re from?

Exactly. In fact, sports has a great deal in common with legal practice. All the traits I’ve listed (challenging oneself, pushing the boundaries, always maintaining balance and control, showing loyalty and perseverance) have been integral in shaping how I’ve approached my practice and my work. It’s also wonderful that I’ve been consistently blessed with a great group of colleagues and clients to work with and alongside. They’re a big part of why I still enjoy practice after all these years.


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